Several of my previous works will be featured in the audiovisual expo called ArtFutura. Videos such as The Evolution of Stop-Motion, Her - Space and few others will make an appearance. My videos, along with other artists, will be showcased under the program "Feeding The Web". A lot of cool stuff will be shown there, such as VR Art and Werner Herzog's documentary "Lo and Behold - The Reveries of the Connected World".

If you are in London, it will be happening in the Hackney Attic -Picturehouses on the 29th of October.

In Madrid it will be from the 28th to the 30th (from 7 to 9pm) of October in Espacio Fundacion Telefonica.

Other cities include Barcelona, Bogota, Buenas Aires, Miami, Paris and many others. In some cities and countries it is free entry, some it is paid such as London (only 5 pounds). To find out more and see what other countries and cities it will be showcased in, scroll down on the link.

Vugar Efendi