Brand new year is greeted with a brand new fresh coat of paint. In 2017, I wanted to make few changes and one of them is the look of the website. First, everything looks much more streamlined and cleaner. Making it easy to navigate. Something the previous look lacked. Now it is simpler and eloquent. 

However, it is not all about the visuals. There are few new additions as well. First and foremost, as you are reading this, you will see the addition of a whole new page dedicated to "BLOG". In here, I can post announcements/news as opposed to only posting them on the social media. Now it is easily can be accessed and found. In addition to that, I will constantly write materials such as opinion pieces/written essays, as well as anything else that I might deem worthy of sharing.

Thank you for being patient and hope you enjoy the new site!

Vugar Efendi