-MOVIE OF THE WEEK- Üç Maymun/Three Monkeys (2008)

Here is the thing, any piece of work from Nuri Bilge Ceylan's filmography is worth recommending/watching, simple as that. A Cannes favorite, his work is often highly regarded for pushing the modern Turkish cinema that we see today, into new cinematic heights. And rightfully so. I chose Three Monkeys, because it is often ignored compared to his more recent works. Showcasing his photographic background, Ceylan's characters are often belittled against the tall towering dark clouds in the compositions. Setting a brooding atmosphere, as if something is going to happen or that there is an underlying story-line we are not aware of. The images, the characters and the setting stays with you even after the credits roll. I know they have stayed with me for years.

Vugar Efendi