-MOVIE OF THE WEEK- Nocturnal Animals (2016)

After showcasing his knack for cinematic storytelling with his debut, A Single Man (2009), Tom Ford establishes with his sophomore film. Nocturnal Animals, that he is also a filmmaker to watch. An underappreciated film of 2016, it is a lavishly designed Hitchcokian neo-noir thriller. From all across the board, the design of this film is painstakingly visual with beauty and detail. With the slick cinematography of Seamus McGarvey or the unforgettable score from Abel Korzeniowski. The costumes, the set designs and the top-tier performances from all the actors, especially Michael Shannon whom establishes his authority throughout the picture, is pure cinema at its best. It is a movie that still lingers in memory many months later, questioning each character's moral decisions. Making you think, what would do in this situation? How would you survive in the world that Tom Ford has built?