-MOVIE OF THE WEEK- The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

Where is the line drawn between trying to impersonate the man you admire, or to become that person? Recreate the legacy of the man you love, or to carve your own legacy by killing him? Andrew Dominik expertly crafts this world, it almost feels tangible. The world is filled with these legends and myths. However, the reality always will be that, all these things look grander than what meets the eye. You are sucked into this period of time, when the daily living was a threat to your own survival. Even though, all of it is masterfully crafted in front of Roger Deaken's lenses, you do believe in this world. It is not as much about the machismo and the daily life of the outlaws but rather a melancholic reflection on destiny and regret.