2016 was a strange year. We saw progress made, but at the same time we saw regress. We also sadly saw many tragedies happen worldwide. Sometimes it is important for us to reflect on our past in order to strive for a better future. Not only for a future for ourselves but also for the people around us. 

This short movie was made for educational purposes only.

All the news/stories are chronologically placed in the video (excluding the death of Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, Prince and Gene Wilder): 

Part 1
- Spread of the Zika Virus
- El Chapo captured
- The death of David Bowie
- The death of Alan Rickman
- The death of Prince
- The death of Muhammad Ali
- The death of Gene Wilder
- Leonardo DiCaprio wins Best Actor for Revenant
- The leak of Panama Papers
- Iceland Prime Minister Resigns due to Panama Papers
- SpaceX first ever barge landing
- Kobe Bryant final game
- Sadiq Khan elected as the first ever muslim London Mayor
- The Harambe incident
- Russia doping scandal
- Brexit
- David Cameron resigns as Prime Minister of U.K.
- Rodrigo Duterte a controversial figure is elected as the President of Philippines
- Hamilton dominates Tony Awards and Lin Manuel Miranda talks about the Orlando attack
- Zimbabwe protests
- Pokemon Go craze
- Portugal wins Euro Cup 2016
- Failed coup in Turkey
- Usain Bolt dominates Olympic Games
- Ryan Lochte scandal during Olympic Games
- Brazil’s President Dilma Rouseff is impeached
- France burkini ban scandal
- Colin Kaepernick protest during national anthem
- Colombia President signs peace deal with FARC
- Protests in Colombia against the peace deal
- Brock Turner is released early from him sentencing
- Donald Trump “locker room talk”
- Wikileaks releases emails related to Hilary Clinton
- Bob Dylan is awarded Nobel Prize for Literature
- Calais Jungle’s migrant crisis
- Protests in South Korea against their President Park Geun-hye
- Donald Trump wins the presidential elections
- Protest against Donald Trump being elected as president
- Cuban figure Fidel Castro dies at the age 90
- Standing Rock’s major victory
- Barack Obama on the Russian hackers
- Donald Trump on Russian hackers
- Yahoo 1 billion users data breach 

Part 2
-Taiwan earthquake on February 6th
- Suicide bombing in Baghdad, Iraq
- Suicide bombing in Ankara, Turkey
- Bombing in Brussel’s airport
- Ecuador earthquake on April 18th
- Egyptian flight 804 disappeared between Paris and Cairo
- Orlando nightclub shootings
- Dallas attack on police
- Attack on the Bastille Day celebration in Nice, France
- Beni Massala massacre in Congo
- Omran Daqneesh is one of the victims of Syrian war, captures the heart of many around the world
- Italy earthquake in the town of Amatrice
- Zianna Oliphant city council speech
- Passenger plane crash in Colombia
- Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov is murdered in Ankara, Turkey
- Attack on the Christmas Market in Berlin, Germany
- The End of Aleppo call

Music: Supertramps - Goodbye Stranger
Nicholas Britell - Chiron's Theme Chopped and Skewed
Nicholas Britell - Chiron's Theme


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